A new ginger species discovered in Vietnam

Scientists Vietnam and Singapore have just discovered and announced a new species of ginger, found in Ben En National Park (Thanh Hoa). Dr. Nguyen Quoc Binh, Vietnam Museum of Nature (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) said July 26.

New species of ginger scientific name D. benenica Q.B.Nguyen & Škorničk belongs to Black Ginger genus (Distichochlamys). This is the fourth ginger species of the genus Black Ginger to be discovered.
Only a small population of this plant has been found scattered under the forest canopy at an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level in Ben En National Park.
The newly found ginger species features a lip wing with a broad band of pink at the center of the base and the bristles that are folded together.
Standard samples of the species are currently kept at the Vietnam Museum of Nature.
Up to now, the genus Black Ginger is considered endemic to Vietnam because it has not been discovered in any country in the world, including neighboring countries such as China, Laos and Cambodia.
Three species of ginger were previously found in Bach Ma National Park, An Khe (Gia Lai) and Cuc Phuong National Park (Ninh Binh).
The new discovery of the above species of ginger was published in the Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore No. 64 (1): 195-200 (2012).
The ginger family (Zingiberaceae) includes herbaceous plants that are valuable for ornamental, medicinal, spice, …
The Ginger family in Vietnam is quite diverse, so far it is known about more than 140 species of 20 genera, equivalent to the diversity of the Ginger family in Thailand, higher than the Ginger family in Laos and Cambodia.



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